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Lecture by Professor Timo Vesal from the University of Helsinki

On October 2, 2019, at 18:00, a lecture will be held in the Rungego UP conference hall in Poznan Professor Timo Vesala from the University of Helsinki.

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DEFORESTATION AND CLIMATE IN THE CONTEXT OF PUBLIC DEBATE FOREST DIRECTORY COLLECTION AND CLIMATE AND PUBLIC DISCOURSE Topic of the lecture: Finland plans to significantly increase the purchase of wood, which in the short term (until the middle of this century) will lead to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. However, studies on the impact of forest use on climate and biodiversity criticize these plans, as Finnish forestry would be contrary to the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Zagorzała public debate has led to very diverse opinions about the role of scientists, from recognizing them as a very important element of the socio-economic debate after being accused of bias or lack of patriotism. The purpose of the presentation is to explain the basics of public dialogue and to show how important it is for scientists to participate in public discussions concerning the areas they are engaged in.

Invite you Prof. dr hab. Bogdan H. Chojnicki Bogdan Chojnicki Laboratory Of Bioclimatology Department of ecology and environmental protection Poznan University of life Sciences Piatkowska 94 60-649 Poznan Poland tel.+48 509 527 725 Laboratory Of Bioclimatology Department of Ecology and environmental Protection European University of natural Sciences in Poznan Piątkowska 94 60-649 Poznan Poland tel.+48 509 527 725

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